True Vine Farm
Welcome to True Vine.

We are a true small family farm. We cultivate heirloom and open pollinated vegetables on two properties. One in Byhalia,Ms and the second in Rossville ,Tennessee. We are local to downtown Memphis, Tn.,Collierville, Tn. and Olive Branch Mississippi.  True Vine is owned by Frank and Lisa Hart and thier three children. Frank retired from auto sales in 2009 to take the family garden to the next level. We currently supply a 25 member csa, 3 farmers markets and local restaraunts. Our "home " farm is just that,home. We have about 1/2 acre in cultivation. The babies of the garden,lettuces,herbs,spinach and arugula grow close by for constant tending. We have six permanat beds of herbs and another six for market vegetables.   We keep to all chemical free methods with a focus on good stewardship.  For us the key is to grow the soil and the vegetables will follow. Compost,cover crops, and crop rotation are the foundation for both of our places. Our "other ' farm is located in Rossville ,Tn. The big boys grow there.  Over 500 tomato plants as well as other space eaters like yukon gold potatos,and watermelons(3 different kinds),and multiple types of winter squash  have plenty of room to spread out thier roots and grow. Colorful swathes of zinnias,sunflowers,and buckwheat break up the green in addition to drawing pollinators to the farm. Selecting vegetables and herbs to grow in our area can be very challenging. We select our varieties to be insect and drought tolerant,but our main focus is flavor.   Use of both low tunnels and high tunnels allows us to provide vegetables for your family almost all year.                                                                       
 The homeplace is also where our  mixed flock of laying hens and pekin ducks live.
Our laying hens are buff orpington and new hampshire reds. They enjoy  the real chicken life, scratching,dust bathing and eating bugs. The ducks enjoy thier days floating on the pond and eatting grass. The eggs they share with us are fabulous for breakfast, just ask Frank! We utilize the nitrogen rich bedding the birds supply to feed and enrich our soil. We also welcome contributions to our compost pile.
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